Poddy Training, the podcast for dads, launches season two to celebrate Dwarfism Awareness Month

Poddy Training, the podcast for dads presented by Jonathan Griffiths and comedian Lloyd Hollett, is back for a second season this October.

To kick off season two, the dads spoke to Gareth Jenkins, a father of two whose daughter Freya has achondroplasia, the most common form of dwarfism. The bonus episode, which coincides with Dwarfism Awareness Month, was an opportunity for Jonathan and Lloyd to learn about the condition, discuss what resources are out there for dads and celebrate the amazing charity Little People UK, which was created to support people and families living with dwarfism.

Jenkins, who lives in Dorset with his wife Jody, said “When Jonathan and Lloyd approached me about appearing on Poddy Training I was so honoured. I’d listened to the first season, which I loved, and for season two they wanted to give other voices a platform so I jumped at the chance. It was a great experience and I’m looking forward to others hearing it.”

In the episode, which launches on 1 October across all major podcast streaming services, Gareth talks with brilliant honesty and openness about what it was like finding out Freya had achondroplasia at 32 weeks of the pregnancy, what Jody and him have learned in the first year of Freya’s life that may help others and the incredible work Little People UK do to provide support and information around dwarfism.

Co-host of the podcast Jonathan Griffiths commented, “I’d seen the amazing work Gareth has done to raise awareness and funds for Little People UK and thought he would be perfect to appear on the podcast. In just forty minutes he taught Lloyd and me so much about achondroplasia and hopefully this episode can help educate a few more people and possibly help fathers in a similar situation.”

Dwarfism Awareness Month takes place every October and Little People UK work tirelessly all year round to improve the quality of life for people with dwarfism while celebrating little people’s contribution to social diversity. Their website is www.littlepeopleuk.org.

Lloyd Hollett summarises by saying “I knew nothing about achondroplasia or very much about dwarfism in general, but Gareth was incredibly generous with his time and education, and even the most basic questions we asked he answered with amazing honesty. It really was a brilliant episode to be part of.”

The bonus episode, which is the first episode of season two, can be heard here, or on all major podcast players.

You can also listen to the whole of season one, learn more about the dads or subscribe to future episodes at www.poddytrainingpodcast.com.

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