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BONUS EPISODE -Dwarfism Awareness Month

To celebrate Dwarfism Awareness Month, which takes place every October, Jon and Lloyd chatted with Gareth Jenkins, a father of two whose daughter Freya has achondroplasia, the most common form of Dwarfism.


Episode  8 - First few months

The dads are back, and in this first episode of season two they discuss silent reflux, burping your baby, the benefits and risks of swaddling and baby slings.


Episode  1 - The pilot

Post recording analysis with Jonathan and Lloyd as they embark on recording their first podcast

Episode  3 - LOGAN'S BIRTH

Jonathan tells the story of Logan's birth

Episode  5 - GETTING HOME PART 1

Discussing those initial moments when you return home for the first time with a new member of the family

Episode  2 - GETTING READY

Discussing all things 'prep' as they both prepare for fatherhood

Episode  4 - Ottilie's Birth

Lloyd tells the story of Ottilie's birth

Episode  6 - GETTING HOME PART 2

Continuing from where they left off previously


Jonathan and Lloyd open up on how they have coped as fathers during the current pandemic